‘ Boyne Youth Diversion Project are members of Youth Work Ireland and are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union” – www.eufunds.ie

Youth Diversion Projects are community based and supported youth development projects which seek to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social or criminal behaviour. These projects facilitate personal development and promote civic responsibility.

1. Involve young people in suitable activities to facilitate personal development and encourage civic responsibility and improve their long-term employability prospects.
2. Divert young people from becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.
3. In achieving the above, projects will seek to support and improve local Garda community relations and enhance the quality of life in the area.
The projects have expanded rapidly in recent years and are proving a major instrument in the
management and development of young people at risk
These projects can be accessed by young people referred by An Garda Siochána, and other referral agencies for young people identified as being at risk of becoming involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour.

This project has been in existence since 2000. B.O.Y.N.E. stands for Bringing Our Youth New
Experiences. The project is located in St Finian’s Park in the designated RAPID area, the catchment areas for this project is The South side of Drogheda.
The Project aims to encourage young people to empower themselves through group work learning such (ie) Alcohol & Drug awareness, Health, self esteem building and active citizenship through activities and planned programmes. The programmes are based on learning by doing, life skills & personal responsibility and team building through sports and physical activities.
This project is funded by the Government of Ireland  European Union. This project is committed to building strong links with the wider community, supporting families and teenagers and also linking in with all relevant statutory and non statutory agencies. Making sure our
young people are directed on the right path to help them grow and develop into positive, active
social citizens.

“This project is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union”.